Eco-Friendly Easter Basket Ideas for Kids

by Josée

The tradition of Easter baskets has been woven throughout time as an important part of spring celebrations. For much of history Easter baskets were filled with items like eggs, bread, butter, beeswax candles, plants, and meat. Modern Easter baskets, however, look quite a bit different. A typical Easter basket these days might have plastic eggs, chocolate bunnies, and plastic grass and these things are not great for our planet. However, by changing up of few items in Easter baskets we can make Easter more earth-friendly and just as, if not more, special for our children.

In this article I will be sharing eco-friendly Easter basket ideas that help children connect with the natural world and respect the planet.

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Get eco-friendly baskets

An eco-friendly Easter basket begins with the basket! If Easter baskets are a regular part of your family Easter traditions, and you want to buy new ones, consider getting baskets that are ethically-sourced and fair-trade. Ideally, find baskets that you can reuse for many years and can even be passed down to other children. You don’t have to buy new baskets thought! Second hand stores are filled with baskets waiting for a new life. Another option is to upcycle materials from around your home or recycling bin to make Easter baskets. Here are a few specific suggestions:

Ditch plastic grass stuffing

Do the planet a favour and ditch the tacky plastic grass basket stuffing! Plastic grass stuffing ends up in the landfill where it will sit there for ages. Plus, that plastic grass is so messy. Thankfully there are some lovely and inexpensive alternatives.

  • Get some organic wool grass.
  • Line baskets with play silks (I love Sarah’s Silks)
  • Shred paper from the recycling bin.
  • Use embroidered napkins from thrift stores.

Say no to plastic eggs

Plastic eggs are a throwaway item since they are made so cheaply. They also sit in the landfill for ages, along with all the plastic grass stuffing. Instead of filling baskets with cheap plastic eggs check out some of these eco-friendly egg options.

  • Dye and decorate real eggs: Using eco-friendly dyes for egg decorating is great for the planet and fun for kids. There are plenty tutorials on how to dye eggs naturally, but if you don’t have time to DIY check out this Eco-Eggs kit or the Earth Paints Natural Egg Dye Kit. Both of these kits are kid-friendly and planet-friendly. Older kids that want something more challenging should try out a Ukrainian Easter Egg Pysanky Kit.
  • Wooden eggs: My kids love playing with wooden eggs all year rounds so every Easter I like to add a few new wood eggs to their collection. You can even get wooden eggs in a small egg carton like these ones which is so cute! Wooden eggs can be painted, dyed and decorated or left natural.

Eco-Friendly Easter Basket Stuffers for Kids

Now that we’ve got the Easter basket and stuffing sorted out, let’s look at some earth-friendly items to add to these eco-friendly Easter baskets.

Art supplies

Outdoor play and discovery

Natural Toys

Easter picture books

In our home it’s a tradition to get an Easter themed book in your Easter Basket. If you’re looking for a lovely list of non-religious whimsical Easter picture book for kids I just compiled one here: Whimsical Easter Picture Books for Children.

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