Celebrating All Hallow’s Eve

by Josée

Tonight was the most spooktacular All Hallow’s Eve celebration that I have ever taken part in. I hope that it becomes an annual event! It was the perfect mix of community, adventure, surprise, treats and cheese (err… I mean food). We began our celebration around three in the afternoon. Families gathered at the farm and decorated the orchard trees in a variety of Halloween inspired decor. There were ghosts, bats, owls, spider webs, eyes, bones (real ones!), lanterns and lights. At the base of the trees were Jack-o-Lanterns and skeletons. The decorations were beautiful, truly. There was a table in honour of those that has passed before us, a homage to the Day of the Dead.

After decorating the children were led on a adventure through the farm. It was a treasure hunt with clues, riddles and tasks to complete. There were magical apples, a graveyard riddle, a swing over a poison pit, a tire challenge, a vampire who lost his bat, a three legged race and more (at this point I got distracted by a large round of brie sitting on a table). The treasure at the end of the hunt was glow bands which was perfect for keeping the children lit as the darkness descended.

As the stars started to shine, the adults took posts throughout the orchard and the children walked through to trick-or-treat. Some parents gave out candies but there was also apple cider, donuts and apples. The children all received enough treats to be excited but there weren’t so many candies that the parents were stressing out. The trick-or-treating was such fun that even I took a walk through the orchard with Teddy. Then there was the haunted greenhouse, complete with a smoke machine, witch and children grabbing at your ankles. My children bravely walked through while I screamed and clung to my husbands back. I’m so silly. To end off our celebration there were fireworks, which delighted of every child and adult, even the tired ones. The evening was amazing thanks to the Learning Circle families that took part. Honestly, I feel so blessed to be part of this wonderful community.

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crunchymama November 1, 2013 - 4:38 pm

What a wonderful event! It really sounds like you have found a special community where you now live!

Kim Corrigan-Oliver November 2, 2013 - 12:48 pm

Wow, what a fun evening and one amazing community.


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