7 Fun Ways to Celebrate Spring Equinox with Kids

by Josée

7 Fun Ways to Celebrate Spring Equinox with Kids

Spring equinox, also called vernal equinox, marks the moment when the sun shine directly on the equator and we experience an approximately equal amount of daylight to darkness. Here in the Northern Hemisphere the spring equinox happens on March 19th, 20th or 21st and it marks the first official day of spring. After three months of frigid winter weather, the first day of spring is welcomed with open arms and definitely worth celebrating. Below are seven fun ways to celebrate the start of spring with kids.

1. Go on a Spring Walk.

Finally after months of snow, rain and cold the icy grip of winter is losing its hold. Signs of spring are beginning to show and it’s a beautiful muddy mess outside. Spring is wonderful time to get outside and explore with children. Every day there’s something new, some new change, to see: bulbs are sprouting, worms are waking up and the dirt is wet and muddy. Pull on your wellies (rain boots) and go for a walk around your neighbourhood, park or along a nature trail. Here are some fun things to do while you and your child are outside:

  • Look for signs of spring together.
  • Find spring flowers and pick a few (as long as they aren’t endangered, in a park garden or in someone yard).
  • Make a flower and willow crown.
  • Dig in the dirt and collect worms.
  • Jump in puddles and get wet.
  • Go on a spring scavenger hunt.

2. Read a Picture Book about Spring.

Find a sunny spot outside and bring along book about Spring. Here’s a list of our favourite Spring themed books:

For a bigger list of spring picture books click HERE.


3. Plant Seeds.

Spring is the season of new beginnings. Seeds and bulbs are sprouting up from the cool damp earth adding bits of colour to our day.  Planting seeds is a wondering way to herald the start of spring, so whether you live in an apartment or on a large piece of land, grab some seeds and get planting.

4. Decorate Eggs.

Eggs are a symbol of new life and fertility. The tradition of painting and decorating eggs goes back a very long ways and today it still is one of the most popular activities for celebrating Spring and Easter. There are many different ways to decorate eggs, check out the list below for ideas:

*Eco-note: Avoid using plastic glitter to decorate eggs. While this type of glitter makes eggs look lovely, tiny bits of plastic find their way into our lakes and oceans, polluting our waters and endangering marine life.

**Safety note: Some dyes in silk ties are toxic, wear a mask and set up in a well ventilated space when doing this project.

5. Set Up a Mud Kitchen.

Spring is wet and muddy and kids love playing in mud. Capitalize on the mud and set up a mud kitchen for your child to play with. Mud kitchens don’t need to be fancy, all kids need is mud, a few pots and pans and their imagination.

6. Bring Spring Inside.

Spring is a fickle, some days are deliciously warm and other days are wet and cold. Bring signs of spring inside to enjoy when that spring sleet starts coming down.

  • Bring flowers, pussy willows and branches with spring blooms inside.
  • Teach your child how to arrange flowers.
  • Dust those cobweb, clean the windows and de-clutter your home together. Let all those rays of spring sunshine warm your home.

7. Enjoy a Spring Picnic Outside.

Pack up a lunch and head to the park, public garden or trail for a lovely picnic together.

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Robyn March 18, 2018 - 6:49 pm

Mud kitchens are the best! This is a great list and a good reminder for me to slow down and do some of these things with my youngest. I was so good at being crafty and creative with my first three and I don’t do them with my fourth or fifth nearly enough!


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