Family-of-Five Packing List for Thailand

by Josée

Below is our packing list for one month of travelling in Thailand. I realize that this is not a particularly exciting read but I found it quite helpful to have a packing list to refer to when deciding what-to and what-not-to pack for Thailand. Now that I have a better idea of what travelling through Thailand entails, I have compiled a packing list to refer to for future travels.

There are couple things that should be considered when packing for an extended family trip to Thailand. The first is that any packed clothing will wear out quickly. Sunshine and frequent washing tend to degrade clothing rather fast so it is best not to pack favourite clothes. The second is that clothing at Thailand’s many markets is inexpensive and it only takes a couple good bargains to fill up your bag with new fun clothes. There are only a few clothing items that are worth bringing from home: plenty of cotton underwear, bras, cotton shorts, swimwear and good waterproof walking/hiking sandals.

I should also note that diapers and wipes are widely available at Tesco and 711, so there is no need to pack a month long supply of diapers if you have an infant or toddler in tow. Medication is also widely available from the many pharmacies in Thailand.

We fit everything below into two hiking packs, several day packs and a laptop bag. To help keep everyone’s clothing sorted we used packing cubes, one for each person. Packing cubes were well worth purchasing, in fact I think I would get a couple more for our next trip. There are few things I wish we would have packed so I have added them below and marked them with a (**).

t-shirts (3)
cotton shorts (2)
underwear (5)
swim shorts
Keen sandals

t-shirts (3)
light cardigan (1)
cotton capri leggings (1)
skirts (2)
sundress (1)
light pajama (1)
underwear (7)
bras (3)
bathing suit (1)
sunhat (1)
large cotton scarf (for covering up in Wats or added layering when needed)
Keen sandals

Child 1 (age 7)
t-shirts (3)
shorts (3)
underwear (7)
pajamas (1) (long sleeves and pants for wearing on the plane and air conditioned hotels)
swimsuit (shorts and tops)
Keen sandals

Child 2 (age 4)
t-shirts (3)
sundresses (3)
underwear (7)
pajamas (1) (long sleeves and pants for wearing on the plane and air conditioned hotels)
bathing suit (this one)
Keen sandals

Child 3 (age 2)
t-shirts (4)
shorts (3)
pajamas (1) (long sleeves and pants for wearing on the plane and air conditioned hotels)
swimsuit (shorts and tops)
Keen sandals
diapers and wipes
swim diapers (for hotel pools)
special blankie
extra glasses

First Aid Kit
I have added an asterisk (*) to items that we used on our trip.
medication (*anti-emetics, *anti-diarrheals, *antihistamines, *antacids, *pain and fever reducers, laxative, oral rehydration salts)
AZO test strips (I tend to get UTIs while travelling)
*adhesive bandages
*anti-itch cream
*antibiotic cream (i.e. polysporin)
*antiseptic wipes
*mosquito repellant

nail clippers
natural bar soap
shampoo (a small bottle, restocking in Thailand as needed)
hair ties
hair brush
lip balm
face/body cream
sunscreen (expensive to purchase in Thailand)
hand sanitizer
menstrual pads and Diva cup
toilet paper (a few rolls)
**contact lenses (for snorkeling)

camera, charger, extra lens caps and extra batteries
laptop (for my husband’s work) and charger
cell phone and charger
tablet and charger
I-pod, potable speakers, earphones (5 sets) and ear phone splitter

Beco carrier
knife, plastic bowls and spoons (for eating on the go)
**sarongs (3) (for towels)
snorkel and goggles (bring at minimum a good kids set and an adult set)
important documents (copies of passports, medical insurance)
pen, crayons, markers, **paper and colouring/activity books
small toys (Lego, cars, Playmobil)
laundry bar soap, string and a few clothespins
games (deck of cards… some of the games we brought were The Resistance:Avalon, Hive Pocket, Splendor and Hanabi)

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Alice McCrea February 25, 2015 - 4:58 am

Wow. How well organized you are. Alice

Josée March 7, 2015 - 1:21 am

Thank you Alice 🙂

Eva October 18, 2023 - 9:17 am

Thank you so much for these, very helpful list especially that my children are the same age as yours 🙂


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