Our Family’s Top Ten Experiences in Thailand

by Josée

This will be my last post about Thailand. Sigh…so sad. I’ve decided to include a list of ten experiences that our family will remember for a long time. At first I tried to prioritize them and then I realized that would be practically impossible, so they are in no particular order. There are many experiences not listed below that are special to us but I promised myself that I would limit the list to ten items, for the sake of brevity.

1. Lounging and playing on beaches. Soft sand and warm water, what more needs to be said.

2. Snorkeling over a magical underwater world at Ya Nui and Ao Sane.

3. Biking through Sukhothai Historical Park.

4. Going to the Elephant Nature Park in Chiang Mai

5.Visiting Wats in Old Chiang Mai.

6. Going to Bangkok Sea Life Ocean World.

7. Exploring markets in Chiang Mai and Phuket.

8. Taking silly pictures at Art in Paradise in Chiang Mai.

9. Feeding the Languour Monkeys in Prachuap Kiri Khan.

10. Doing all these amazing things with our friends!

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