Beach Days in Phuket

by Josée
We have officially passed the half way mark of our trip. I will admit that despite the various challenges that come with travelling with young children I am trying to ignore the fact that we will be returning home soon. I understand now what motivates people to leave Canada in search of a warmer place to spend the winter. But more than that, my eyes have been opened to how wonderful it can be to travel with friends. My husband and I have been finding that the benefits of travelling with other families far outway the challenges. Yes, everyone has moments when they are tired, irritable or anti-social but we all try our best to be understanding. There is fun, safety and comfort in numbers. Our children have friends to play with, and so do the adults! We can support each other during difficult times and lend a helping hand when needed. It’s like having a micro-community that’s on the move. Maybe it is a little taste of living in a nomadic tribe. 

Currently, we are staying at a house in Phuket. It has been great to have a space to share meals, play games and even have the occasional movie night together. We will be staying at this house until we fly back to Bangkok and then back home to Canada. Our days in Phuket have taken on (so far) a slower pace. We sleep in, have breakfast then go to the beach for a few hours. After the beach we make supper then play games, watch a movie or go to sleep. Sometime we stay at the house all day and play in the pool. The change of pace has been a nice contrast to the busier first two weeks of our adventures in Thailand.

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Elisa Armstrong February 7, 2015 - 9:59 pm

Looks and sounds like a lovely, relaxing, beach vacation. =) Perfect. =)

Alice McCrea February 7, 2015 - 11:57 pm

Sure anxious to have you back home safe and sound. It is a trip for all of you unforgettable. Say Hi to your friends for me. Love and prayers. Alice


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