Garden Journal (yr 3: vol 5)

by Josée
This week I worked hard weeding, tilling, digging and planting. Two of the raised beds were seeded in the last month and most of the seeds have sprouted. The peas and broad beans are healthy and vibrant. The carrots and beets are getting a bigger every day. However, not everything in my garden is doing wonderfully. Something has wiped out most of my swiss chard and kale seedlings by eating away at their tender little leaves. The same insect is eating my spinach, radish tops and pac choi. Other than ants I cannot see any other insects, not that I’m fooled, something is definitely out there. Whatever is snacking on my plants better watch out because I am on the hunt for some food grade diatomaceous earth!

I spent most of my efforts this week in the remaining two raised beds. These were weeded, tilled and watered before being planted with tomato, pepper, cauliflower, broccoli, leek and cabbage seedlings. Planting food into the ground is such a satisfying act, but there is no denying that it is hard work.

As I walked around the rest of my yard I noticed that the elderberry bushes I planted a couple years ago are monstrous. I will have to turn my attention to giving them more space next week. The raspberry bushes are in bloom and filled with the steady buzz of pollinators. Listening to them work is like listening to the sweetest of music. Small apples and peaches are swelling on our young fruit trees, and there are pretty columbines blooming in my font yard. These sunny spring days fill my heart with gratitude for many things.

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